Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Clothespin People

Yes. Clothespin people. We are gettin reealllll crafty today. Craftaayy, if you will. 

I made this at work yesterday and posted it on my Instagram (follow meeee!) And I got a good response - by good I mean like 10 people liked it. That's a lot. Once again. I saw this idea on the all mighty Pinterest. But I didn't bother to find a tutorial because I knew I could create this on my own. 
AND YOU CAN TOO. But only because I've now created this tutorial. Otherwise you could not. FACT.

Craft Paper
Fabric Scraps
Hot Glue

the black paper is for a top hat, should you choose to add one!

So. Simple Tutorial....

Easy Peasy. and you can do so much with these little things...well I mean you can't really DO anything with them... hold your mail? hang your clothes? What I mean is you can do so much with these things creative wise. Make normal people, not just wedding people. The world needs normal clothespin people too. Ry is mad I made his hair yellow, but it's really hard to mix a dirty blonde paint color!


1 comment:

  1. No big deal, but when I get married, we're making these... so find a good ginger color for Mike.