Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Plushie Tutorial

I haz madez a tutorial for youuuuzzz!

I keep seeing these handmade Plushies (fancy name for stuffed toys) on Pinterest and I'm obsessed. I finally got my shit together and made two for Pinnie! So I'm working on a new line at work that is all baby and wedding I basically sit online all day and look for "inspiration" or doodle ideas. I drew this little couple the other day...
And I really really liked them, so. I found some iron on transfer paper laying around at work, scanned in the sketch and blew them up in Photoshop
(notice the Pinteresting in the background....getting "inspiration")

Then I printed them each out on a sheet of that iron on paper. I chose to use this brown muslin fabric, so hipster, I know. I'm pretty sure this stuff will iron on to any fabric, but don't take my word for it. I doubt it would work on fleece... but maybe? I'm rambling...
Cut them out as close to the artwork as you can, iron them on the fabric, artwork face down


So then I pinned the piece of fabric with the artwork on it to a second piece of muslin...

Then cut them out, leave a good amount of space between the artwork and your cut, like an inch and a half maybe, I made the mistake of cutting too close and my dolls came out a little smaller than I would have liked, but eh, still fabulous.  After you've pinned and cut out your shape, flip the back plain fabric onto the front...does that make sense? no, not really... place the plain piece of fabric ONTOP of the piece of fabric with the image, so when you turn it right side out you will see your image. That's as much sense as I can make. Carefully sew around your dolly, make sure to leave a space open to flip your fabric and stuff! (I sewed in one of my little custom tags...)


(use polyfill stuffing, get it at Joann's, or Michael's, or Hobby Lobby, or your mom's house...)
and sew up the stuffing hole and BAM! YOU MADE A DOLL! or whatever the hell else you want to make! A monkey! A monster! a pile of dog poo! no. gross.

I'm really excited about these, since I finished them at like 10pm last night W was already asleep, so I'll see if she likes them today when I pick her up! She will probably try to eat them, which I will take as a "Yes mom, these are delicious, I love them."