Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Lace Crown

These are so easy y'all. Yea, Rachel, I said y'all. Again, I've been seeing these all over Pinterest and have been keeping them in the back of my mind so I could make one for Winnie for her 1st birthday - which, ya know, is in August - which I'm already planning. DON'T JUDGE ME. 

lace (tons of different styles at your craft/fabric store)
Fabric Stiffener (although I'm determined Elmer's glue would work just fine...)

Acrylic paint
Glitter Mod Podge
Fabric glue

Cut your lace to the desired length - You can make tiny little Alice in Wonderland style crowns, 
or fitted crowns, whatever you want

This is what the lace looks like before you use the Stiffy..hehehe
You want to paint your lace (if you are going to) BEFORE you use the stiffener/glue. I made that mistake. I stiffened the lace first, then painted it and since the paints are water based the lace lost its 
stiff-ness. So. Paint, then stiffen! Let the stiffener dry really well before you you shape it into the crown. I also added glitter Mod Podge on to my crown, because why not?! That's why. 
Glitter is always necessary.

OOOOOO glitttterrrr!

Now take your fabric glue and glue your lace into a circle (it dries almost instantly) Just line up the patten in the lace from one side to the other.

And now you have made a lace crown! wwweeeeeeee!
And tomorrow is my 28th birthday, so I will be wearing one all day.
because I can.
and it's my birthday.
and it's pretty.

we out.


  1. LOOK AT YOU WITH YOUR LABELS AND SHIT. Watch out Martha Fuckin' Stewart.

  2. I mean, obviously this is your best blog post ever.

    but for real, those crowns are the business. I want one to wear to job interviews.

  3. oooo! love this idea and I'm totally making one for a 1 year old photo shoot next week!